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They like sedentary activities, you will never see them doing any extreme activity but, however, they love nature. They are leaders and stand out for their charisma.

The Life Tree

Those who were born at this time have a special talent for solving problems. Clarity is a quality that helps them to have firm goals and to reach them. They have enough energy and do not respect the limits. They seem to be broad-minded, but in reality, they are rigid-minded and hate change. They are analytical and calculating. They may be good at listening, but very reserved for telling an intimate story. They are active and speak only when they believe they have something important to contribute. They're quite sensitive and sentimental. They live in love and have enough love to give, but they demand the same and so they are emotionally demanding.

They need their lives to run in harmony and peace. They are sincere and have a lot of willpower. They are usually very innocent, so much so that sometimes they abuse their naivety.


They are very sociable and intuitive. They are also wise by nature and irremediable advisors. They are usually very spiritual and the most important thing for them is their inner world. They have a need to stand out from others. They are unique and all the time they want to prove it. They are extremists, it's either all or nothing. They don't settle for something in between. Although they aspire to a quiet life, they are complicated in nature. They like to win and do things right the first time. They are original and non-conformist, which is why they often come unsatisfied. The Tzolkin Mayan calendar is given by a calendar of days divided into two cycles of 13 days and another of 20 days, meaning the ordered count of days.

The Mayan people realized that they could not measure time as such, but that they could see the qualities of time.

The date of birth has specific energetic qualities. Knowing these qualities can help us to better understand our life instead of going against it. Tzolkin was the most widespread Mayan calendar in Mesoamerica and served to govern material and spiritual life. To understand the tzolkin of a person it is necessary to read in a serpentine form, column by column, indicating first that the time is not the same, there are good times and other bad, such as health and other disease, times of abundance and others of limitation.

There are people in this sign and a disadvantage. It is the indecisiveness and total absence of a sense of duty. From difficult situations they try to simply "escape", shifting responsibility to someone else. You can not rely on such people. People who were born under this sign, all their lives balancing between conscious and subconscious worlds, in search of balance.

They strive to achieve spiritual and physical harmony and stability.

What the Mayan Zodiac Signs Speak about Your Personality

Try to create a comfortable atmosphere at home, as well as at work. Energetically they are weak, but they fill it with creative ideas and the ability to listen to intuition.

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Virtually all representatives of this sign are very conservative. They logically think and have good organizational skills. From such people are good organizers and thinkers. Quite often people of the sign of Akbal become self-absorbed, falling into reflections on the meaning of life. Sometimes this ends for them a sense of complete desperation, helplessness and apathy. People of the Kan sign can be described in one word combination — "natural disaster".

What’s Your Mayan Birth Sign?

For their thoughts it is simply impossible to have time. One crazy idea is instantly replaced by another. They need to learn to direct their energy in one direction. The self-sufficiency of representatives of this sign allows them to gain complete independence. They can not scare anything, except one — the future of time, which inexorably advances on them. Lizards are not persistent, which, however, does not prevent them from finding their own half. It is true that a large amount of time can be spent searching.

But this way Kan will be held to the very end, despite any obstacles. A distinctive feature of the Maya sign of Chicchan is the snake, which is also compared with the milky way in the starry sky. The patron of the Chicchan is Kukulkan, he is also Quetzalcoatl. All representatives of the sign of the Milky Way has a developed physical condition, as well as a beautiful spiritual upbringing.

Find Your Mayan Sign

But they are in dire need of general attention, which makes not hide, but on the contrary show all their experiences and sympathies. These people have some kind of mystical charm, which they skillfully use.

Despite the fact that the representatives of the Chicchan are surrounded by many people, they diligently distance themselves from everyone, not allowing themselves to even close relatives. In many ways this is due to the inherent selfishness that is inherent in all people of the Milky Way. Being in a state of movement to something special, Chicchan quite often misunderstands what comes to their eyes, and from this their search can become truly endless. Cimi is a conductor from one world to another, wandering in search of something or someone. This is a sign of death, the patron of which is the ruler of Shibalba.

The god of death Ahpuh gave each person who came into the world at this time, incredibly easy character, but they do not hinder to quickly move into a state of melancholy. They are hard at experiencing any trouble, even not directly touching them. Changes for people of the sign of Death are worse than terrible penal servitude, and the need for constant prosperity makes Cimi extremely unhappy. Conservatism is their desired way of life. But all this does not prevent them from being interesting to others and support any conversations. Spiritual and mysterious knowledge goes to them with incredible ease and simplicity.

Rarely, but still there are among them even great magicians or astrologers who have achieved incredible successes in their field. The pride of the forests, endowed with regal grandeur — this all directly relates to the representatives of the Manik sign. He is guarded by Tohil himself, a deity in the image of this forest inhabitant — a deer. Energy overflows representatives of this sign, allowing them to do great things.

They are characterized by incredible talent, artistry, as well as the ability to heal everyone around — gifts, which with great generosity gifted them to God Tohil.

And this is not all the good qualities that are available to deer people: ease and naturalness in behavior allow representatives of this sign to find a common language in any company. But, despite this, in the depths of his soul, Manik suffers from loneliness. However, this does not spoil their relationship to others, because the nobility and generosity inherent in this sign, does not allow them to fall below the level of communication.

This sign represents the celestial night star, which is the moon, so do not be surprised at the protection of the moon goddess Ichkhel and her assistant in the form of a rabbit totem-charm with a melodious name Nagual. What are the characteristics of the representatives of Lamat? First of all, it is not difficult to solve a difficult task or to get rid of an insoluble problem with a subtle cunning and a shrewd mind.

However, before that they do not bring, because they choose the most optimal way in their lives, which allows to avoid any troubles.