How To Draw Batman : Step-By-Step Drawing Lessons for Children

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With a few level adjustments by me. In fact, even in his thirties, Larkin had trouble with postal clerks and getting tickets at the railroad station. He used to hand slips of paper over with his desired train. I had to run around the field many times. I remember trying to memorize Shakespeare so that words that began with sounds I stuttered on s, b, etc.

A writing constraint. You try to write without certain letters. A few books have been written as long lipograms. This kind of constrained writing, or avoidance, is the kind of mental gymnastics many stutterers do in their heads all the time. By the age of 15 I was a zit-spattered thesaurus of synonyms and an expert on lexical registers. The Paris Review asked him if his stammering made him a writer:. The central irony of my life remains that my stutter, which at times caused so much suffering, is also responsible for my obsession with language.

Without it I would not have been driven to write, to create rhythmic sentences easier to speak and to read. A fascination with words thrust me into a vocation that has kept me aflame with a desire to communicate. As a little girl, I hoped my stutter would let me into the secret world of animals. As an adult, given a kind listener, I am privy to something just as elusive: a direct pathway to the human heart.

This is not a call to arms against voice, which communicates something important about writing and point of view.

Superheroes for kids

Something new to read and think about. Another lens to look at the world through. I learned so much about art from watching a kid draw. I taught at the grade-school level.

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Borrow a kid! To watch a four-year-old draw is to watch some kind of magic happen, magic that, even in two or three years, will not come naturally, but will need to be conjured, somehow. Lynda Barry does this at the University of Wisconsin :. I thought, I wonder if I could pair them up with four-year-olds?

If you follow Lynda on Instagram , she often posts her collaborations with four-year-olds:. Story by 4 year olds, drawings by Lynda Barry. The kids said that the story goes in a circle and just keeps going. Four year old realizes he can draw Batman. I did not know I could draw Batman! Everyone wants one. I come back the next week and ask if he will draw me a Batman. And here are some 4-year-olds doing a copying exercise :. One leads, the other follows in as close to real time as possible. If you came to one of the Keep Going tour dates, you saw this slide of Jules drawing when he was three:.

This is my second time around living with a four-year-old.

How to draw Batman - Easy step-by-step drawing lessons for kids

This one is a little more introverted than the first one. I did a lot more collaborating with the first. I remember transcribing some of his wild monologues:. I have two daughters that could both draw like Albrecht Durer when they were about seven years old, before the teachers got ahold of them. She eventually started draw unfinished heads at night so her daughter could finish them in the morning.

How to Draw Batman’s Face

Hanging out with his four-year-old niece led animator Don Hertzfeldt to some of the best parts of his absolutely incredible short, World of Tomorrow. My niece, Winona, contributes the voice of little Emily. Welcome to our series of superhero drawing tutorials.

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During the series we will learn how to draw Batman, Superman, and Spiderman with easy step-by-step instructions. Drawing a full-body picture of a superhero can be challenging but drawing just the face, head, and shoulders is much, much easier. Draw with a pencil and sketch lightly at first.

You will tweak the early lines and shapes later. When the Batman outline is complete, you can draw heavier lines and color your Batman drawing.

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Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial. You don't need any special pens or tools. A regular pencil, eraser, and paper are all you need. If you want, you can also color the drawing with colored pencils or pens. Like my drawing tutorials? Disclosure: Some of the above links are affiliate links, and I receive a small commission at no cost to you if you choose to make a purchase using them. Draw an oval at the top part of your page. Leave some space for the bat ears that will be sticking upwards. Add two inverted V-shapes for the ears and continue by drawing slightly curving lines from the ears to the jaw.

Draw a wide V-shape immediately below the oval. Draw a line in the middle of the nose. Add an arc for a fold in the face mask.

How To Draw Batman : Step-by-step Drawing Lessons For Children

Draw an inverted W-shape for the upper lip and a curve for the lower lip. Click the icon or button below to view a printable PDF of this drawing guide. Leave a comment below or follow on Pinterest. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab.