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She nodded, her smile fading a little. This was the man who had pinned her with his gaze through the window. He was much bigger close-up. Definitely related to the younger guy, but infinitely more intense. She suppressed a shiver. The closer Jake got to her, the stranger he felt. He likened it to an electrical current flowing through his body, which, unfortunately, he had experienced. Comparatively speaking, this instance was much more pleasant. Who had eyes like that? Layered, like a custom paint job.

It had to be a trick of the lights, though, because no one could actually have eyes like that. What was it? The woman took a breath. He knew, because his eyes were drawn to the subtle rise and fall of the nicely-endowed chest peeking through that jacket. She appeared to consider his question for a moment, then leaned forward.

Jake mimicked the movement, putting his ear within inches of her lips. Even with all the noise, Jake had no trouble hearing her low, quiet-toned answer. It was a crazy idea. But he was desperate.

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Harriet's mother, Agnes, on the other hand, also has a secret, but she has the opposite concern--making sure that it stays well and truly buried. But as events unfold, it emerges that someone else is hiding something that could be still more dangerous Pamela Oldfield's books have been translated into Spanish, German and Russian. Her adult novels are described as a blend of historical fiction and family saga, each one thoroughly researched with the help of her husband, Joseph, who photographs and videos the various locations necessary for the backgrounds.

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New in new dust jacket. Sewn binding. Paper over boards. With dust jacket. Book Description: Harriet is eaten up with anxiety about how she can reveal her true feelings and break off her engagement. While passing through Pine Ridge, she has car trouble.

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Down to her last few dollars after repairs, she needs some cash to get her to her next destination. While wandering through Pine Ridge, she is drawn to Jake's Pub. While looking through the window, she spots Jake and is struck dumb when their eyes meet through the window. Jake has a similar reaction. He manages to convince her to work for him tending bar to cover the busy homecoming weekend.

Jake is very intrigued by Taryn, but he can sense she has secrets. This arrangement works out for both of them and stokes the simmering attraction between them. They eventually succumb to this attraction.

Jake is profoundly affected by making love with Taryn, and much as Jake denies and fights it, deep down he knows he has found his croie. Taryn, on the other hand, while also affected deeply by Jake, cannot act on those feelings. She cannot stay in Pine Ridge, she simply cannot take the risk - to herself or to him and his family, should they learn her secret.

Jake is determined to get to the answers he needs, and utilizing the resources of his company and his brothers' skills, what they uncover about Taryn is alarming and disturbing. Taryn knows the clock is ticking, and she finds a way to leave, despite her desire to stay. Jake and his brothers begin to track her, but they aren't the only ones doing so, and it takes them months to find her.

Taryn's past is catching up with her. Will Jake and his brothers get to Taryn in time? How will the truth of Taryn's secrets affect her and Jake? This is an exciting book with plenty of suspense, a bit of steam and some luck of the Irish.

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I really enjoyed this book, and I'm impressed by Abbie Zanders' work. Finishing out the series is a no-brainer for me, I'm hooked. Dec 25, Bev rated it liked it Shelves: military-or-ex-military-or-spec-ops , kindle-unlimited , he-or-she-is-a-martyr , woman-on-the-run , romantic-suspense.

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An interesting start to a new series that had the things I really enjoy in a book, hot alpha males, woman on the run, suspense. However, when I read a romance I want to see the romance. Unfortunately there was very little alone time for Taryn and Jake, she spent an awful lot of time in the book either on her own or with one of Jake's brothers, making the ILY's at the end rather unrealistic. I also wanted more from the suspense aspect, all the exciting stuff was done off page and was tied up all i An interesting start to a new series that had the things I really enjoy in a book, hot alpha males, woman on the run, suspense.

I also wanted more from the suspense aspect, all the exciting stuff was done off page and was tied up all in a pretty bow without any of the heart-pounding excitement there could and should have been. The idea behind the suspense is a really good one, just feel let down that it was done and dusted so quickly. For me, the romance and suspense should have been fleshed out a lot more.

That said, the author has reeled me in enough that I am going straight on to the second book in the series. Just for me note view spoiler [skimmed so much because I didn't like the heroine and hated how the everything between her and the hero went especially cause they didn't even have any time together and she also spent more time with hero's brother Kane cuddled with him and seemed to be more in love with him than the hero.

I just couldn't get into the characters, writing, or the story. View 2 comments. Mar 20, Shireen Hakani rated it liked it. It's one of the most confusing books I've ever read. Writer couldn't decide who the heroine should end up with or should be it an erotica or simple, sweet romance novel. Taryn goes from one Callaghan brother to another to another.

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  • Quite frustrating!! Apr 22, Bianca rated it did not like it Shelves: return-to-sender. This book could of been good.

    Unfortunately the heroine's strong connection to several of the brothers made it confusing as to just who this was a love story for. And the heroine was an idiot. Apr 24, Anuradha rated it did not like it Shelves: fucking-cheater , contemporary-romance , drama-drama-drama , heroes-who-make-me-throw-up , what-was-i-thinking , women-i-detest , thrillllllls-and-chillllllls , i-weep-for-humanity , loathing-unadulterated-loathing , tries-too-hard. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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    Okay, I get that the point of fiction is to create stories, to transport you to another world. But there is a line that needs to be drawn, and I think I draw it at a bunch of Irish pub owners who double as some covert operatives who go on clandestine missions for the government. How convenient is it, that each of the brothers is especially skilled at one particular thing, and so skilled at that, that he is unbeatable. There is a limit to making a story far-fetched, and Ms.